Lack of proper guard on machinery caused bottle to smash

Factory floor

Mr C. was working in a bottling factory when a bottle, due to a fault in the machine, was forced off the line and smashed on the floor.

Mr. C. who was walking along the line at the time and was cut by the glass of the bottle after it smashed on his knee. 

Although treated, the work injury became infected and Mr C. had to remain off work for a number of weeks.

Factory accident injury claim

Mr C came to Digby Brown Solicitors for help and we raised a factory accident claim against his employer.

However, the employer denied the accident was their fault and refused to make any offers to compensate our client.

Claim goes to court to prove employers were at fault

Using our no win no fee funding, our solicitors were able to raise the case in court, at no financial risk to our client.

After litigating the claim in court, his employer admitted fault for the accident and Mr C received his damages in full of £14,600.

Advice about making a factory accident claim

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