Leg injury whilst working offshore in Middle East

Oil platform

Our client was sent to work offshore in the Middle East where he sustained a severe crush injury to his leg.

Work injury claim

Our client decided to make a work injury claim for compensation and came to Digby Brown's Aberdeen office for help.

Digby Brown specialist personal injury solicitors

Digby Brown has specialist personal injury solicitors in workplace accidents specifically in the oil, gas and shipping industry.

Cases in this industry can be very complex as it often involves international law, health and safety and an understanding of working in these types of industries.

Workplace law around offshore accidents complex

This is another example of a case where jurisdiction and applicable law were not straightforward but where Digby Brown’s personal injury expertise and experience in helping clients injured while working offshore or overseas allows us to represent them well.

Offshore injuries impact on future career path

Our client faces having to change his anticipated career path as a result of his workplace injuries.

Our solicitors worked to ensure that the economic effects of this are fully factored into any award of compensation that he received.

In the end, the case settled for a six figure sum.