Legal expertise help man injured at work on two occasions

Pot holes in the road

Digby Brown represented a long term employee at a Scottish timber yard. In May, he was working with equipment provided by his employer. Unexpectedly the equipment fell apart causing injury to his head and neck. 

In October, the same individual was again injured when he fell in a pothole in the yard surface, injuring his ankle. The yard surface had been in a state of disrepair for several months, a problem which was known to the employer. Both incidents were witnessed by colleagues and recorded in the accident book.

After two accidents in such a short space of time,  the individual decided pursue a claim for compensation.  

Work accident claims raised in court

Despite a series of recent work accident claims against the yard from other employees, the employer simply ignored his work claim, perhaps assuming that he did not have the resources to take formal legal action. money or support to raise a Court action.

This individual was able to make a claim for compensation and access to full legal representation and funding through Digby Brown. We raised court proceedings on his behalf. Throughout the action, the defending employer failed to engage constructively with the legal process. 

Personal injury claim a success and compensation awarded

The claim was heard in court the following March. Having fully investigated, Digby Brown was able to call a number of witnesses to the court to support both of our client’s claims.

The court found that he had been injured at work through no fault of his own and awarded him over £4,000 in compensation.