Legal funding helps client achieve 3-fold increase in compensation

Farmyard with tractor and sheep in field

Mr M. came to Digby Brown Solicitors for help making a claim against his employer for an accident at work.

How did the accident happen?

Mr M. was a self-employed sheep shearer on a farm when the accident at work happened. 

While working on a farm, he was asked by the owner of the farm to enter an area between two pens. The pens were secured by a gate which could be opened and closed by pulling a rope. The rope had a hook on it to secure it in place when not being used.

Unfortunately, as Mr M. went to pull the rope for the pen, the hook sprung loose and struck him in the eye.

Work injury claim

Mr M. now suffers from permanent eye damage and is at high risk of developing secondary glaucoma.

Mr M. asked Digby Brown to investigate and pursue a claim against the farm to compensate him for his injuries.

Pre-litigation offers rejected on Digby Brown's advice

Following the advice of Digby Brown, Mr M. rejected pre-litigation offers of £3,000 and £4,500 and proceeded to litigation.

Fair compensation after claim raised in court

Immediately after court proceedings were raised, the farm's insurers made an offer of £12,000 - 4 times more than their initial offer.

Legal funding enabled fair compensation - 4 times more!

Without the backing of legal funding to protect Mr M. in the event he failed to beat the previous offers, he would not have been able to proceed to litigation and instead been forced to accept one of the unfairly low offers the farms' insurers originally put forward.

Insurer had no option but to offer client what he was entitled to

The robust approach adopted by Digby Brown's personal injury lawyers and our refusal to put Mr M. in a position of accepting less than we felt he was legally entitled to meant that the insurers had no option but to advance an offer that truly reflected what Mr M. was entitled to.