Lorry driver crashes into motorbike in Aberdeen as “he didn’t see him”

Man looking to camera in park

Lewis Smith was riding his motorcycle in Aberdeen when he was hit by a lorry pulling out of a junction, knocking him off this bike, as the driver failed to see him.

Lewis suffered from various injuries including a bleed in the brain, permanent dislocation of his collarbone and he suffers from on-going issues with his memory.

How motorcycle accident solicitors helped

Lewis came to Digby Brown Solicitors and our motorcycle accident team took on the case.

“I’ve never been through the claims process before and I was quite happy for Digby Brown to take the lead and listen to their legal advice.”

Expert medical reports and evidence gathered

To establish the impact of the injuries Lewis sustained from the motorcycle accident, it was necessary to collect medical evidence from experts in the field.

As Lewis had suffered from a head injury, our solicitors also collected evidence from Lewis’s friends, family and work colleagues about the ways in which the head injury had affected him.

“There were never any problems throughout the process, and the doctors I seen were excellent.

“My solicitor Lianda Barnes also sent me a lot of information to keep me up to date and informed.”

Lorry driver denies liability

Liability was denied initially, and then the insurers of the lorry driver tried to argue that the reason the driver didn’t see Lewis was due to the speed of the motorcycle.

Our motorcycle accident solicitors collected witness evidence to support Lewis’s position and raised the case in court.

Lianda Barnes, specialist solicitor in Motorcycle Law:

“Motorcyclists are amongst the most vulnerable road users. Unfortunately, a large proportion of accidents happen when other motorists emerge from or turn into a junction.

“A common excuse is that the driver didn't see the motorcyclist (known as either 'LBFS' - looked but failed to see; or more commonly as a SMIDSY 'sorry mate, I didn't see you').

“We managed to trace eye witnesses to the accident, all of whom were able to confirm that Mr Smith was riding sensibly, was well positioned in the carriageway, and was riding within the speed limit.”

Motorcycle accident compensation

The motorcycle accident claim settled shortly after the court action was raised.

Lewis received the full value of his bike and kit, as well as compensation for his injuries of £33,750 on a full liability basis.

Our motorcycle solicitors also recovered the sick pay Lewis had received from his employers whilst he was off work with his injuries.

Lewis Smith: “I was more than happy with the service and absolutely delighted with the compensation - it was more than I thought it would be.”