Manual handling of heavy broken door caused back injury

Man looking to camera in park

Our personal injury solicitors at Digby Brown acted for a mechanic who sustained an injury to his back after manually lifting a large and heavy shutter door.

The door was designed to operate electronically but had not done so for around 18 months.

His employers were aware of the fault.

Employer denies responsibility for work accident

Digby Brown raised an injury claim against his employers but they denied liability

To make sure his employer took responsibility for their negligence and compensated our client fairly, our solicitors took the case to a 2 day proof in court.

Employers taken to court to get justice for client

After hearing our client and his witnesses give evidence in court, the defenders settled our client's claim on the morning of the second day of the proof for £4,500.

Sometimes it is necessary to raise injury claims in court to make sure an injured party receives the compensation they are entitled to. At Digby Brown, we have no win no fee funding which means our clients can rest assured that they won't need to pay court expenses in the event the case is unsuccessful.