Medical evidence secures 20 times the original offer

Road showing 20mph speed limit

After dropping her children off at school, our client was waiting at a give-way junction in Edinburgh when the driver behind failed to stop and hit her car. It wasn’t until the adrenalin wore off that she realised she had been injured in the car accident

After seeing her GP the next morning she was diagnosed with a whiplash type injury and provided medication to help with the pain. She was signed off work to give her time to recover.

Insurers make offer without medical evidence

The third party insurers quickly got in touch and offered £900 in compensation for her injuries. After considering the pain she was suffering our client didn’t feel this was fair and contacted Digby Brown for independent legal advice.

Our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh arranged for physiotherapy to help with our client’s recovery as well as instructing a medical expert to examine her injuries.

The medical expert concluded that she had soft tissue damage to her lower back which required significant recovery time.

Medical evidence increases insurers offer over 20 times

After submitting the medical report to the third party insurers, they came back and increased their offer from £900 to over £17,000.

After carefully considering the difficulties that our client had experienced as a result of her injuries, our solicitors felt this was not quite enough to compensate her.

They negotiated further with insurers to finalise a settlement of £20,000 for our client, more than 20 times the original offer.