Medical experts ensure full extent of injuries sustained are considered

Man sitting on couch looking concerned

Mr C. was standing with a group of friends outside of a pub in Glasgow in December 2008 when a woman reversed out of a car park space, running him over. 

As a result, he sustained a crush injury to his right calf which involved the separation of tissue and skin from the leg.  Mr C required extensive surgery and hospitalisation.  His left calf was left severely and permanently deformed. He also had permanent and intractable pain that would require lifelong treatment with strong painkillers. The experience of the accident, the resulting appearance of his leg and his ongoing pain left Mr C with emotional and psychological problems. 

In investigating the full extent of his losses, expert reports were obtained from consultants in psychiatry, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, pain management and anathesia, psychology and employment. 

After raising his case in the Court of Session and instructing Senior and Junior Counsel, Mr C.’s personal injury claim settled for £120,000 to compensate him for his injuries, past and future wage loss and other losses. The first offer made by the insurance company was £50,000.