Medical negligence during smear test meant cancer had a chance to develop

Medical test under the Microscope

Ms B came to Digby Brown to pursue a medical negligence claim for compensation following delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Cervical smear found negative for abnormal cells

Ms B had a cervical smear which yielded cells stained and placed on a slide for microscopic examination.

The cytology screener reviewed the slide and reported it as negative for abnormal cells.

Two years later, diagnosed with cervical cancer

Two years later, Ms B attended A & E with heavy abnormal vaginal bleeding.

She was subsequently diagnosed as suffering from cervical cancer necessitating a radical hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Medical negligence claim for compensation

Ms B came to Digby Brown's medical negligence lawyers in Scotland for help claiming compensation.

Medical negligence during smear test

It was argued on Ms B’s behalf that the cytology screener had incorrectly reported the smear test as negative and that the slide had in fact shown abnormal cells.  

The slides should have been sent to a consultant cytopathologist for examination. 

Had that been done, Ms B would have been referred for investigation and treatment before cancer had the chance to develop. 

Compensation for medical negligence

Digby Brown's medical negligence lawyers successfully pursued a medical claim on Ms B’s behalf and secured compensation.