Mesothelioma compensation for family

Asbestos dust in air

Mr S. was exposed to asbestos during his career in the Merchant Navy. At the age of 66 he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer of the pleura of the lung. 

Mesothelioma claim for compensation

Mr S. contacted Digby Brown for help, and his case was passed to a specialist team of solicitors in mesothelioma claims.

They arranged for his evidence to be recorded and, within 2 months, he had died.

Mr S.’s evidence was confused due to the painkilling medication he was prescribed.

Only one witness was traced who was able to confirm some of the exposure Mr S. reported.

Mesothelioma claim for the family

A claim was made on behalf of the Executor, Mrs S., and Mr S.’s children from a previous marriage.

In addition, claims were made for the children and grandchildren of Mrs S., some of which were adults when Mr S. married their mother.

Ultimately damages were recovered for 16 family members.

One of the grandchildren wrote:

“Thank you so very much for everything you have done to help my Grandpa and my Nanny. 

"There are no real words to describe how difficult this has been for our family. 

"I am so pleased you had a positive outcome as our case wasn’t exactly straightforward. 

"Thank you, I know how hard you all worked to achieve this.”