Misuse of forceps during delivery caused permanent shoulder injury

pregnant woman

Baby T. was born in 1994. During his delivery baby T. suffered shoulder dystocia.

This is is an obstetric emergency as the baby’s shoulder is caught under the mother’s pubic bone, delaying delivery and causing compression on the cord.

Forceps were used to deliver him and later baby T. was found to have an avulsion injury rendering his left arm completely useless.

The deformity was permanent.

Clinical negligence claim

It was argued on T's behalf that excessive force with forceps was used during delivery.

Digby Brown's clinical negligence solicitors took over the clinical negligence case from other solicitors and after lengthy litigation the case finally settled for a life changing sum.

How compensation has helped

This gave our client opportunities to improve his situation in ways which would not otherwise have been available to him.

If you feel that your situation and treatment during your pregnancy may have resulted in problems with the birth of your child and wish to discuss this matter please feel free to email us.