Motorbike accident in Dundee secures rightful compensation

Cars, buses and motorbike traffic in town

Tim was riding as a pillion passenger on his motorbike along a main road in Dundee when he was involved in a motorbike accident.

The motorbike accident was caused when a driver of a car failed to give way to Tim's motorcycle and performed a right turn directly in front of his bike. The car collided with Tim’s bike and he was thrown to the road.

Tim was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee where he received treatment for a nasty fractured arm. As a result of the accident injury he was unable to attend work for 3 weeks and missed valuable classes at University.

Tim came directly to Digby Brown Solicitors in Dundee for legal advice. The other driver’s insurance company made no reasonable offers of compensation for the motorbike accident. As such, our personal injury solicitors advised Tim to raise an action in the Court of Session and secured him a settlement of £18,000.

Tim was absolutely delighted with the compensation he received for the motorbike accident and even baked us a cake to say “Well Done”.

Craig Snee, personal injury solicitor Digby Brown Dundee, holding a 'well done' chocolate cake that client baked as a thank you.