Motorcycle accident victim makes Tiramisu to say thank you

Motorcycle on Country Road in Scotland

Another delighted client and another delicious dessert for Digby Brown's Dundee office. This time it's a Tiramisu thank you from a Motorcyclist injured by a driver who failed to spot him on the road.

"Look once, look twice, think Bike.”

How did the motorcycle accident in Dundee happen?

Our client was riding his motorcycle on a main road in Dundee when the accident happened.

The driver of another vehicle failed to give way to his motorcycle and performed a right turn directly in front of our client's bike.

The car collided with his bike and he was thrown to the road.

Injuries from motorcycle accident

As a result of the collision our client sustained soft tissue injuries to his knee which required him to take an entire month off of his employment, losing wages as a result.

Motorcycle accident claim

Our client came to Digby Brown Dundee for help. Craig Snee, personal injury solicitor in Dundee, pursued his claim for compensation.

Compensation for motorcycle accident

Our client was awarded £5,500 and was so delighted with the result that he made this delicious Tiramisu as a thank you.

Craig Snee, personal injury solicitor Digby Brown Dundee, holding Tiramisu that client baked as a thank you.

Second thank you cake this year!

Craig Snee also received a baked cake earlier this year from another client involved in a motorcycle accident – you can read the full case study at Motorbike accident in Dundee secures rightful compensation.

Legal advice about a motorcycle accident claim

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident which was not your fault, and would like some initial legal advice free of change, please call us on 0333 200 5925.

Alternatively, if you text help to 83310 or complete our short enquiry form, a member of our legal team will be in touch.