Motorcycle passenger injured in accident in Fife

Motorbiking in Scottish Highlands

Mrs C was riding pillion on her husband's Honda Goldwing motorcycle near Glenrothes in Fife when the motorcycle accident happened.

How did the motorcycle accident happen?

Mrs C and her husband had stopped at a roundabout, to give way to oncoming traffic.

The car behind didn't see the motorcycle and collided with the back end.

Mrs C was thrown into the roadway in the collision.

What was the impact of her injuries?

Mrs C suffered fractures to her hand, and her leathers were damaged.

After the accident, her husband had to help look after her for a number of months as she struggled to do everyday tasks.

Contacted Digby Brown to make a motorcycle accident claim

Mrs C contacted Digby Brown about making a claim for her injuries from the motorcycle accident. Her case was passed to specialist lawyers in motorcycle accident law.

Upon lodging the claim, the insurers of the car driver admitted liability and made an offer of compensation.

Digby Brown’s motorcycle accident lawyers advised client offer was too low

Our lawyers recommended that a court action should be raised as the offer was too low and did not properly compensate Mrs C for her injuries from the accident.

Mrs C was concerned about the prospects of going to court. We advised Mrs C about the range of award the courts could make and based on our experience, recommended that she proceed with litigation in the Court of Session.

No win no fee funds court action

Digby Brown offers no win no fee funding for personal injury cases. This enables us to raise cases in court, without it costing our clients and enables our lawyers to get the best outcome for people injured in accidents which were not their fault.

40% more compensation by going to court

Within two months of action being raised, a further offer was made which was accepted.

Mrs C's case settled for over 40% more than the insurers’ original offer of £10,000.