Motorcyclist injured in Tayside benefits from our specialist knowledge

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Digby Brown's Motorcycle lawyers in Scotland were contacted by a young man in Tayside who had been injured while riding his motorcycle, having been hit by a third party driver, who had failed to give way and was later charged in relation to the incident. 

Motorcyclist injuries from accident

Our client suffered a number of injuries to his leg and shoulder, having to take a break from his education at an important time and being prevented from playing for his rugby team for some weeks.

In addition, his bike was damaged beyond repair and various items of expensive equipment were also damaged.

Compensation for motorcycle accident injuries using specialist knowledge

Working with the client and his family, Digby Brown’s specialist motorcycle accident lawyers were able to recover both the pre-accident value of his motorcycle and compensation to meet the costs of this damaged equipment, helping him becoming fully mobile again as quickly as possible.

No win no fee funding

Our solicitors were able to fully investigate the motorcycle accident claim at no financial risk to our client through no win no fee funding. This meant that even in the unlikely event we lost the case, our client would not have to pay a penny for expenses.

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