Motorcyclist sustains hip injury whilst riding in France

Front of a motorbike

Mr C. was injured when his motorcycle was hit in the rear by a French woman whilst driving in France. He was knocked off the bike and sustained injuries to his shoulder and hip.

The woman was charged for speeding and causing the accident.

Impact of road traffic accident in France

Mr C. was taken to a local hospital in France for treatment and received a medical report – although it was all in French.

Mr C. was planning on riding his motorcycle home to Scotland but had to pay for a flight home as the result of his injuries.

He was also unable to return to work for over 2 months and his injuries restrict him at work and especially when playing sports.

Claim compensation for road traffic accident abroad

Digby Brown solicitors have specialist solicitors in accidents abroad and on holiday. We also have personal injury solicitors who speak fluent French.

Our experience solicitors raised an accident abroad claim on our client’s behalf in Scotland, and successfully concluded at a value of £10,500.

Raising the claim in Scotland, rather than France, allowed Mr C. to access justice and gain fair compensation for his injuries.