Motorcyclists need specialist lawyers to understand the nature of these accidents

Motorcycle on Country Road in Scotland

Mr R. was involved in a motorcycle accident in Scotland when a car attempted to turn right, and went directly in front of Mr R.’s path causing a collision and knocking him off his bike.

Impact of motorcycle accident

Mr R. sustained soft tissue injuries to his back together with urology difficulties. As a result, he was unable to return to work after the accident and when he did return to work, he needed to carry out lighter duties for a couple of months.

His motorcycle was also unrepairable and his motorcycle equipment had been damaged in the accident.

Motorcycle accident claim

Mr R. contacted Digby Brown and was represented by a solicitor with the specialist training and experience in dealing with motorcycle law.

The case was litigated with his best interests represented in court.

As a result, compensation amounting to £25,000 was achieved on his behalf.