Newly purchased treadmill caused severe laceration and permanent loss of feeling in finger

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Mr H. was injured as a result of a defect in the design of a treadmill which he had recently purchased via an online fitness shop.

Impact of accident injuries

His finger was severely lacerated, and he was left with permanent loss of sensation when his hand became trapped in a "pinch point" located between the base of the treadmill and its running guide.

Attempted to obtain compensation without legal advice

When he approached Digby Brown, Mr H. had already attempted to negotiate a settlement for compensation following the accident without legal advice.

Insurers denied liability

The insurers for the producers of the treadmill denied liability and therefore to pay any compensation.

Digby Brown and no win no fee funding

With Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors on his side, and no win no fee funding, Mr H. was able to raise an action in court for compensation.

His accident claim was successful in recovering a substantial sum and an admission of fault on the part of the treadmill suppliers.