No win no fee funding proves key to obtaining rightful compensation

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Mr X was involved in an accident at work and came to Digby Brown Solicitors for compensation.

How did the accident at work happen?

The work accident occured when his hand became caught in exposed moving machinery. As a result he suffered serious injuries to his hand, requiring amputation of 2 of his fingers.

As a result of the work injuries sustained Mr X was unable to return to his job. Mr X had 8 years left until retirement.

Digby Brown prove fault of work accident

Fault for the accident was not admitted by his employer’s third party insurers and as such, Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors needed to raise a court action to progress and succeed in Mr X's claim. To ensure we could fund the personal injury case, we used our no win no fee funding model, Compensate.

After an opening offer to settle the claim at £76,500 was rejected, the case proceeded to the morning that the court case was due to commence and settled for more than double the amount at £170,000

This is yet another example of how important it is to use a firm of expert solicitors to progress a personal injury claim. Without the proper personal injury funding in place which enabled this case to proceed to court, Mr X. would have had little choice but to accept the initial offer.

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