Offshore worker gets the compensation he is entitled to, just in time

Oil platform

Digby Brown’s Aberdeen office specialises in cases where workers have been injured offshore and on oil rigs.

Head injury working offshore

Recently, we represented a man who sustained a deep laceration to the top of his head whilst working offshore on an Oil Rig in the North Sea.

Our client struck his head at work which caused a permanent scar and ongoing intermittent pain and numbness.

Work accident offshore could have been prevented

Had his employers adequately risk assessed the task  and provided adequate personal protective equipment the accident would not have occurred.

Work injury claim - almost out of time

The client contacted Digby Brown Solicitors for advice, but not until almost three years after the accident occurred.

Work injury claim quickly raised in court

Our solicitors were able to quickly identify the operators of the oil rig and the client's employers at the time of the accident and raise a court action in time, preserving the clients right to compensation.

If he had left it any later to get in touch, he could have missed out on the opportunity to receive the compensation he was entitled to.

Our specialist solicitors in Aberdeen are well versed with offshore claims for compensation and the legal complexities involved.

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