Oil and Gas contract restrictions removed after discrimination employment advice

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Digby Brown’s specialist employment team assisted an oil and gas specialist in Aberdeen after she was treated abusively by her manager in an Oil and Gas company.

Discrimination at work

The company she worked for was heavily involved in the onshore and offshore oil and gas employment sectors and she had been in her role for less than a year when she came to Digby Brown for help.

The only plausible explanation for the abusive treatment in these circumstances was discrimination on the basis of our client’s gender.

It was clear that due to the damage to the working relationship it was not going to be possible for her to return to work with the company.

Compensation for discrimination at work

Due to the current market in Aberdeen, it was vital to our client that we achieved a settlement which would allow her the flexibility to find the right new job.

Settlement agreement, agreed reference and bonuses

Our employment solicitors were successful in obtaining a settlement equivalent to four months’ gross wages, along with an agreed reference and a commitment to future bonuses accrued but unpaid at the date of termination.

Gender discrimination grievance investigated

There was also an undertaking that our clients’ grievance against her manager would be investigated robustly and thoroughly.

Employment contract restrictions hindering new job prospects

Our client’s main concern was finding another job related to the oil and gas industry in the Aberdeen area.

Restricted from working for competitor in Aberdeen

She was subject to restrictive covenants which prevented her from working for a competitor within a five mile radius of Aberdeen for six months.

Clearly this would have a massive effect on her employment prospects given the geographical importance of Aberdeen to the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

Digby Brown’s employment law solicitors removed geographical restrictions

Given the reasons that our client had left her employers, Digby Brown suggested that these restrictions be diluted while still protecting the company’s legitimate interests.

It was not our client’s intention to solicit colleagues or clients to any new employer.

Freedom to work for Oil and Gas Company in Aberdeen

Using our specialist employment law expertise, Digby Brown redrafted the covenants in our client’s contract carefully in order to allow her the freedom to find work in Aberdeen.

The geographical restriction was deleted and our client was therefore free to find employment in the oil and gas industry in her hometown, although not for specific competitors.

This was accepted by her previous employers and the whole agreement was finalised and signed within a short timescale to the satisfaction of all parties.