Over four times the initial offer for cyclist after being knocked down

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Mr E.'s cycling accident claim was handled by another firm of solicitors for 2 years before he came to Digby Brown Solicitors. 

How did the cycling accident happen?

Mr E. had been cycling his bike when he was hit by a car and trailer, near Port Glasgow. 

He suffered from a broken shoulder and the accident aggravated pre-existing knee problems.

Cycling accident compensation

When Digby Brown's specialist solicitors in cycling accidents took over Mr E's case, an offer of £6,000 compensation had been made.

Cycling solicitors investigated case properly

Within a year of having the case, Digby Brown had obtained an in depth medical report for Mr E. and his case was subsequently litigated in the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Increased cycling compensation offer by more than 60%

The Defenders increased their offer to £10,000 which was rejected. 

Cycling compensation settled for over four times initial compensation

After further negotiation with the Defenders, our cycling solicitors settled Mr E.'s claim for £25,000.