Overtaking motorcyclist struck by car on dual carriageway near Paisley

Throttle of a motorbike

Mr Y was travelling in the offside lane of a dual carriageway in Autumn when a car swerved from the inside lane, and struck him on his left hand side. He was thrown off his motorcycle (a Honda Fireblade).

On the day of his accident, Mr Y initially reported his injuries as being 'a bump to the head, bruising to my hips, leg and my right arm. I might have whiplash'.

Injuries from motorcycle accident

Unfortunately, Mr Y's injuries turned out to be more serious than he thought at the time and he was subsequently taken to hospital.

His bump to the head caused him to have:

  • mood swings
  • double vision
  • loss of concentration.

He needed lots of help and support from his family.

Motorcycle accident claim

Digby Brown's specialist solicitors in Motorcycle Law raised the motorcycle accident claim in the Court of Session for Mr Y.

They instructed specialist reports from a clinical neuropsychologist, a neurosurgeon, and a consultant surgeon.

In addition to various soft tissue injuries, Mr Y was diagnosed with post-concussional syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our motorcycle accident solicitors helped him get the counselling he needed.

Compensation for injuries and losses from motorcycle accident

Digby Brown's motorcycle accident solicitors ensured Mr Y received compensation, not only to allow him to replace his motorcycle kit (helmet, jacket, gloves and rucksack had all been damaged), but also for the help his family provided, and to reflect his difficulties in the job market.

Our solicitors were also able to claim back the cost of recovering and storing the motorcycle, and Mr Y's policy excess as well.

His claim settled for over £18,000, within 6 months of the court action being raised.

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