Passenger awarded the right compensation with expert legal advice

Cars braking in traffic

Digby Brown’s Edinburgh solicitors helped Mrs X after she was injured as a car passenger when the car behind mistook the accelerator for the brake.

Accident pushes car into oncoming traffic

Mrs X and her family were sitting stationary in their car at a roundabout when the car behind pushed their car forward into oncoming traffic at the roundabout.

Thankfully, the drivers travelling on the roundabout were able to stop, avoiding a further collision.

As a result of the car accident, Mrs X injured her back. This left her with ongoing pain and she was unable to do many of the things she did previously including being able to fully look after her young son, who had also been in the car, and her husband who she cares for.

Car insurers admit liability

Our specialist personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh contacted the other driver’s insurers who accepted liability for the accident. They also made an offer of several thousand pounds to settle the injury claim.

After arranging for medical experts to examine Mrs X’s injuries, our solicitors determined that this offer of compensation was not correct given the extent of her injuries.

Seven times the first compensation offer

Mrs X took onboard advice from our solicitors and decided to turn down the initial offer.

After further investigation by a team of experts, their findings were presented to the car insurers. The insurers then offered seven times the first compensation offer, which Mrs X happily accepted.

Specialist legal advice and expert investigations meant all the difference in this case, and ensured Mrs X received fair compensation for her injuries.