Passenger injured after accident involving drunk driver

Don't drink and drive

Sarah was a passenger in a car with her partner driving from Stirling to Alva late at night when the accident happened. They were on a country road and as they came round a bend, a car had pulled out from the side of the road.

“We turned the corner and the car was across the road with its lights off. There was no way to avoid it, we hit the front of her car and then almost crashed into a bus stop. My partner went to check if she was ok and she was clearly drunk so we phoned the police.

“Before the police could arrive, the other driver just drove off. I couldn’t believe it she was putting herself and everyone else at risk.”

Sarah injured her neck and developed a phobia of being in a car after the accident.

“I had never been in an accident before and now I’m terrified. It’s got to the point where it was dangerous for me to be a passenger as I kept having flashbacks and reacting really badly every time I got in the car with someone.

“I was hoping at some point to get lessons and start driving myself but there is no way I could do that now. I have a wee girl and when we see family they have to come to me as I can’t make the journey myself.”

After talking through the accident with her partner, Sarah decided to get in touch with Digby Brown.

“We decided that because it was a drunk driver we had to do something. The road we had been on was a windy back road and I couldn’t believe how stupid she had been to make the decision to drive when she was clearly over the limit.”

Euan Robertson, Solicitor in our Dundee office took on Sarah’s case.

“We’d seen adverts and read reviews and decided that Digby Brown was the best place to go. Euan was excellent. He phoned with updates all the time and let us know when anything happened.”

After submitting expert medical reports the insurers came back with an offer of £4,500, which Sarah happily accepted.

“I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do without his help. He went through everything and gave us advice when the offer came in. I was really happy with how we were looked after.”

“I can’t thank Euan enough for everything he did. I would definitely tell anyone that found themselves injured in an accident to get a lawyer and to go to Digby Brown."