Passenger injured after speeding driver hits tree

Cars on icy road

Mr Conway was a passenger in a car when he was injured in road traffic accident in the Highlands.

The driver was travelling at speed along an icy rural road before losing control and colliding with a tree. The driver was also under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

Mr Conway suffered serious physical and psychological injuries including a fractured back and serious injury to his shoulder which drastically impacted his ability to work.

Mr Conway then approached Digby Brown to pursue an road injury claim on his behalf.

Insurers try to under-settle injury claim

The insurers initially made Mr Conway a pre-medical offer of £20,000 - a callous technique used by insurers to under-settle a claims at an early stage.

A pre-medical offer means that no medical evidence has even been collected at this stage of the case, making it impossible to accurately determine his injuries and the life-long impact.

Ten-fold increase in compensation with expert injury lawyers

However, after significant negotiations and investigations from expert lawyers at Digby Brown’s Glasgow office, the injury claim settled for more than £200,000.

This was over ten times the initial offer, and helped Mr Conway get his life back on track.