Passenger receives £22,000 after road traffic accident

Car driving in the rain on country road

This lady was a front seat passenger in a friend’s car that was involved in a road traffic accident.

They were struck by an oncoming car coming around a bend on the wrong side of the road.

Road traffic accident injuries

She sustained lacerations to her face and head.

She also suffered post accident amnesia and was left with some short term memory loss.

Digby Brown Solicitors for help

She decided to come to Digby Brown for assistance with making a road traffic accident claim.

Liability for accident denied

Liability was steadfastly denied by the insurers of the other driver from the outset.

Robust negotiations result in compensation offer being made

However, following robust negotiations an offer to settle the case for £20,000 was eventually made.

This was rejected and following further negotiations the case eventually settled for £22,000.