Pedestrian hit by driver in North Ayrshire secures compensation

Police Car

Our client was walking through a car park in North Ayrshire when she was struck by a motorist who failed to spot - all because they were distracted trying to find a parking space. 

Our client checked for oncoming vehicles before starting to walk and didn’t see any but was struck on her right side by the other driver.

As a result of the incident, she suffered ligament and tissue damage to her right knee, spent time in hospital and was unable to work for a number of months.

Our client initially approached local solicitors in Ayrshire for help and representation.

However, the firm referred the case to Digby Brown as they do not do personal injury legal work and wanted our client to benefit from our personal injury expertise.

We intimated the injury claim on our client’s behalf to both the third party driver and their insurance company but neither acknowledged the claim.

To secure proper compensation, we raised court proceedings which resulted in our client being awarded a five figure sum in compensation.

We opened an office in Ayr in 2016 to give people in the surrounding areas access to a local law firm with expertise in personal injury claims.

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