Pedestrian knocked down by car received double the initial compensation offer

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Mr R. was a pedestrian who was knocked down by a car as he walked home.

Road traffic accident injuries

As a result of the accident, Mr R. sustained a fracture to his clavicle, rib fractures, and a fracture to his pelvis.

As a result of his physical injuries, Mr R. temporarily lost some of his mobility and became depressed.

Road traffic accident claim

Mr R contacted Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors to make a claim for compensation following the road traffic accident.

Initial compensation offer £15,000

Liability for the accident was admitted by the Defenders and they made an offer of £15,000 to settle his road traffic accident claim.

Digby Brown advised Mr R. to reject this offer.

Compensation doubled through negotiations

After raising court proceedings, our personal injury solicitors negotiated and secured a settlement of £30,000 for Mr R.