Personal injury claim secures over 4 times the original offer

Older woman walking in Scotland

June Venter, aged 72, was visiting a local petrol station at a supermarket in Alloa when she stepped on spilled diesel and fell to the ground, causing serious injury.

She tried to deal with the supermarkets’ solicitors directly but they only offered £1,000 before any x-rays had been taken to assess the extent of her injuries. Once Digby Brown came on board, Mrs Venter achieved a four-fold increase on the offer they made directly to her.

“I would recommend Digby Brown to anybody. My solicitor was a gentleman and an absolute star”.

Life changed completely after the accident

Mrs Venter injured her neck and head in the accident and suffers from lower back pain impacting on her lower limbs.

“My life changed completely after the accident. I used to be an active walker and went to a dancing class every week but I can’t do that anymore, even now.

“I just want my life back to how it was before the accident.”

Injury claim for compensation

Mrs Venter decided to make an injury claim against the supermarket’s petrol station as the accident could have been prevented if the staff had cleaned the spilled diesel up properly.

“At first I never thought about making a claim but as time went on and I felt the effects of the injuries I decided to make a claim.”

"Should have got my own solicitor from the start"

Mrs Venter tried to deal with the supermarkets solicitors herself before coming to Digby Brown Solicitors in Edinburgh for help with her injury claim.

“I tried to deal with the solicitors of the supermarket myself but they only offered £1,000 before I’d even had an X-ray done. I should have gotten my own solicitor from the very start.”

Four-fold increase for injury claim with Digby Brown’s help

With advice from Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors and obtaining thorough medical reports, Mrs Venter achieved four times the first compensation offer.

“My solicitor knew his stuff and was very efficient and lovely to deal with. The service was excellent.”