Pressure sore nightmare in hospital

Blurred out hospital ward

As any wheelchair user knows, skin integrity is of the utmost importance in order to avoid the perils of pressure sores. Mr C is tetraplaegic following a road traffic accident. He manages his own meticulous skin care regime.

Hospital assessed very high risk of developing pressure sores

Mr C was required to stay in hospital for an operation. At the time, he was assessed as very high risk for developing a pressure sore as a result of his limited mobility.

Failure to implement skin inspection regime

Appropriate steps were taken to assess him, however there was a failure to put a skin inspection regime in place and, in particular, a failure to follow a turning and positioning regime during the night.

Mr C developed a pressure sore after a prolonged period without turning.

His discharge from hospital was delayed by around 4 months

He needed surgical debridement of his sore and became understandably anxious and depressed.

Clinical negligence claim

The client came to Digby Brown to pursue a clinical negligence claim. As there was a denial of liability on the part of the Health Board, Digby Brown's clinical negligence solicitors needed to raise court proceeding.

Ultimately Mr C’s case settled shortly before the court hearing on a full liability basis.