£50,000 interim payment helps engage the services of care worker and pay off debts

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Mr G. was involved in an accident at work which was no fault of his own. He fell from a 5 foot elevated platform.

Work accident injuries

Mr G. had suffered a brain injury and injuries to his back following the fall.

Since the work accident he has been unable to undertake any further employment.

Brain injury claim for compensation

Mr G.’s life has been profoundly affected by the accident at work and he decided to come to Digby Brown's serious injury solicitors to pursue a brain injury claim.

Mr G. was seeking compensation for his past and future loss of earnings and for the help and assistance he shall require going forward as a result of his injuries.

Early payment of £50,000

Early on in the case we were able to secure through the court an interim award of £50,000 which allowed the pursuer to pay off debts which had accrued and obtain enough money to engage a care worker.

Brain injury compensation of £275,000

The case finally settled only a few days before proof in the Court of Session at a value of £275,000.