Psychological effects after being involved in a road traffic accident

Car in front breaking

Ms B. was in car travelling home with her family when the road traffic accident happened. She was in the front seat and her partner was driving, with her two young children in the back seat.

The accident was caused when another vehicle failed to stop his vehicle in time, and collided with the rear of the car she was sitting in.

She suffered from soft tissue injuries to her neck and back. As a result of the accident, Ms B. was off work for 10 weeks and in which time she also developed severe depressive episodes.

Ms B. came to Digby Brown's office in Glasgow for legal advice about pursuing compensation for her injuries from the road traffic accident.

The insurer's were not forthcoming with any offers, which resulted in a court action being raised in the Court of Session. Shortly after, our client received an award of £15,000.