Rehabilitation Code is the key to early resolution after brain injury

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This case involved a 16 year old who sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident. 

Like most teenagers Tom had issues prior to the road accident which clouded the picture, but with Digby Brown's experience we were able to identify that an Immediate Needs Assessment under the Rehabilitation Code was required to identify what needs were needed to be met as a consequence of the road traffic accident and his brain injury.

We appointed a case manager for Tom and then with the co-operation of the solicitors for the defender’s insurer, we arranged, after assessment, a period of residential rehabilitation in Glasgow.

The cost of over £50,000 for case management and rehabilitation was paid by the defender’s insurer.

Over 14 months before the brain injury claim from the road traffic accident was to be heard in court, we agreed a settlement of over £400,000.