Road traffic accident causes death of family member

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Digby Brown helped the wife and members of a family gain rightful compensation in a Court of Session fatal accident claim. 

How did the fatal road traffic accident happen

The accident occurred because a negligent driver skidded across a carriageway into the oncoming traffic, hitting head on a car in which the man was a passenger.

Family make a fatal accident claim

Digby Brown was originally only contacted by one individual from the family who was unaware that a number of other family members were living in Pakistan and could also make a fatal accident claim.

Digby Brown took on the case and after a difficult period of tracing the extended family, negotiations were entered into with the Insurers.

Rightful compensation for fatal road accident

Originally the insurers attempted to settle the matter for £2,500 per claimant which would have equated to £50,000 in total.

After raising an action via the Court of Session, and moving for a Jury Trial, the case settled for £500,000 a tenfold increase from the original settlement proposal.