Road traffic accident in Inverness secures rightful compensation

Traffic on motorway

Mr T and his family were involved in a road traffic accident in Inverness while they were on holiday in Scotland.

The family were staying in a cottage at Aviemore but had travelled to Inverness for the day. As they were driving along a side road looking for a petrol station, a lorry failed to stop at the give way junction on their left and when he pulled out, he pushed their car across the road.

“When I think back now, wow. We are lucky to still be here. If we had been in a smaller car, it may have been a different story.”

Road accident injuries

Mt T had been a passenger in the car and injured his neck and head, upper shoulder, legs and hands. Even now it is still not right but he considers himself lucky that nothing was broken.

Mr T had to take time off work for his accident injuries and the accident has left a lifelong impact on him.

"It would scare me getting into a small car now as you are more vulnerable against the bigger vehicles out there on the roads. I would never get into a small car again.”

Recommended Digby Brown personal injury solicitors Inverness

Digby Brown personal injury solicitors were recommended to Mr T and his wife by their insurance company for pursuing a road traffic accident claim.

“From the very beginning, everything went smoothly. They explained everything to us about the claims process - I don’t think I could have asked for a better break down – and kept in touch with updates or to simply ask how we were getting on so we didn’t ever need to phone them.

“They always got our permission first before going ahead with any aspect of the case and they took care of everything for us – arranging doctors’ appointments and physiotherapy sessions at a time that suited us.”

Road traffic accident compensation

The insurance company made an initial offer of compensation to the family but after careful consideration, the offer was rejected. The second offer was more than double.

"We were absolutely gobsmacked, we just couldn’t believe it. We decided to accept the offer as we wanted to move on from the accident and put it behind us.”

The road traffic compensation has helped them buy a bigger car, helping Mr T feel more comfortable about driving again. It has also provided a bit of security for the future.

Mr T’s job in social services is at risk and he is being made redundant. Previously, he may have considered a job driving for a living but after the accident he could not do this. The compensation will provide some breathing space.

Digby Brown Solicitors Inverness

“We were delighted with all the help and support from Digby Brown’s Inverness office. Throughout our ordeal, our claims and settlements were above and beyond our expectations.

Our solicitor, Joanna Corrance, has not only been a solicitor acting on our behalf and dealing with the claim, but also provided us with support and understanding of our ordeal. Should we ever have the need to contact a solicitor in the future, we would not hesitate to get in touch.”