Safety of racking caused severe knee injury to teacher

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A secondary school teacher sustained a significant knee injury when a fellow gym member knocked a dumbbell from racking prior to commencement of an exercise class. The dumbbell bounced and struck our client's knee.

Defenders denied liability, arguing that any blame for the work accident rested with the fellow class member.

No Win No Fee

Personal injury solicitors in Dundee accepted instructions to proceed on a no win no fee basis.

This allowed Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors to investigate the case and they discovered that the system for housing the dumbbells was wholly inadequate, and that the risk of such an accident occurring was wholly foreseeable.

Raised the personal injury claim in court

Responsibility for the accident remained in dispute and so a Court action was raised at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Throughout the procedural stages of Court action, the defenders maintained that no offer would be forthcoming.

On the day prior to the 4 day Court hearing being scheduled to start, the defenders settled the personal injury claim in the sum of £50,000.