Series of clinical negligence by staff led to patients death

Blurred out hospital ward

MM suffered from a series of clinical negligence by medical staff in Scotland which later led to his death.

He visited his GP on multiple occasions and his local hospital but they failed to provide the correct diagnosis.

Clinical negligence by medical staff in Scotland

No diagnosis from GP on first visit

On 3rd November, MM attended his GP suffering from breathlessness and chest pain.

His peak expiratory flow was significantly reduced.

GP wrongly diagnoses as chest infection on second visit

He attended again on 8th November complaining of continuing shortness of breath, chest pain, a cough and haemoptysis.

He was wrongly diagnosed with a chest infection.

Taken to hospital and discharged

His condition persisted and on 9th November he was taken by ambulance to his local hospital.

He was seen by a doctor there and discharged. 

GP fails to send referral letter to chest clinic

On 13th November, MM attended his GPs again.

The GP wrote a referral letter to the local Chest Clinic stating that he considered pulmonary embolism as a diagnosis but the letter was never sent.

Visits GP again but no exam notes recorded

GP MM attended his GP again on 20th November. 

No record of any clinical examination was recorded in the notes.

MM died of a pulmonary embolism on 21st November.

Clinical negligence claim

A clinical negligence claim on behalf of MM’s family for his death was successfully pursued against the GP practice by Digby Brown's clinical negligence solicitors.