Serious injury to elbow after falling over hazardous unmarked step

Woman looking out of window

Our client was employed as a lecturer within a Scottish University when the accident at work happened.

She tripped over a single step that was not clearly highlighted and was situated inside a narrow doorway. As a result of this accident, she suffered a fracture to her right elbow and was off work for several weeks. She had to rely heavily on family and friends during this time. 

Our client contacted Digby Brown after seeing our advert on the television. At Digby Brown, we have specialist personal injury lawyers in work accident claims.

After raising a claim against the University, they ultimately rejected our client’s claim and the case went to court. With Digby Brown's no win no fee funding, our client had peace of mind that in the event the claim was not successful, she would not be liable to pay any fees or expenses.

The Court heard both arguments and held that the step constituted a hazard and awarded our client £15,500 for her injuries and losses.