Settlement agreements - negotiating terms to get you the best result

People on their way to work

Digby Brown’s employment solicitors recently helped an oil and gas worker employed by a Scottish oil company in Aberdeen who was facing a settlement agreement.

As part of the original settlement agreement, it prevented him from contacting existing customers of the Scottish oil company in Aberdeen for 12 months and limited him from working for another rope access or inspection business in the US, Brazil or UK.

Our client, based in Houston, felt these particular terms in the agreement were unfair as, in essence, it meant he was unable to work for 12 months as his qualifications and experience were in this particular field and at this stage in his career, he did not want to retrain or learn a new industry.

Moreover, due to the way the oil and gas sector operates, businesses are essentially fighting for the same customers within a small market which means regardless of which oil company you are employed with, you are likely to be in contact with the same customers. It was therefore not practical for him to work for another oil company and manage to not be in touch with customers of his previous employers.

Our settlement agreement solicitors negotiated on these particular terms to allow our client to work for a similar business in the US or Brazil, giving him the freedom to work for another business without hindering his career progression.

Our client was very pleased with the final settlement agreement and stated:

“Trying to find employment again within the oil and gas sector would have been incredibly difficult without the help of employment solicitors at Digby Brown removing the restrictions to my future job search.”