Settlement figure more than double initial offer due funding of case

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Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors represented a 60 year old nurse who was injured when she fell from a ladder at work.

Work accident Injuries

She suffered a fractured wrist, an injury to her neck and depression.

She suffered a loss of earnings and a loss of pension rights.

Personal injury solicitors at Digby Brown help

We were able to fund reports from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Psychiatrist and a Consulting Actuary.

It was the view of the medical experts that her retirment was accelerated by a approximately 1 year as a result of her injuries.

No win no fee funding

As no offers were received from the Health Board, Digby Brown funded Court Proceedings on behalf of the client using no win no fee funding.

The solicitors for the health board argued that the client was partly to blame for her work accident and made an offer of £13,000.

Legal advice for rightful compensation for work injuries

With the benefit of our legal advice and no win no fee funding, the client was able to reject this offer on the basis it did not reflect the true value of the case.

The client rejected a further offer of £22,000. She accepted an offer £27,000 - more than double the initial offer.