Settlement of over 10x initial pre-medical offer after road traffic accident

Cars braking in traffic

This was a road traffic accident which occurred on Christmas Eve in Bo’ness. It was a dark wet night and our clients’ car was hit in the rear when she was giving way to other traffic.

Funding for road traffic accident claim

Our client had no legal expenses insurance but Digby Brown’s Compensate funding and expenses package allowed her to pursue a road traffic accident claim at no financial risk to herself and access three months of much-needed physiotherapy to help her back on her feet.

Initial ‘pre-medical’ offer

The defenders insurers contesed the claim, and made an initial ‘pre-medical’ offer (an offer made before medical evidence on the extent of a claimants injuries has been considered) of £1,450, which our personal injury solicitors rejected on our client’s behalf.

Claim raised in court

The insurers made subsequent offers but, as we considered these under-valued our client’s road traffic accident claim, they were rejected, and a Court action raised.

The defenders then offered £8,650 in settlement. We again advised this was too low, and the client agreed.

The defending solicitors then formally offered £10,000. Again, we advised the client to push on with the Court action and she was able to do so reassured of the financial protection that Compensate afforded.

The claim was settled for £12,000, with over £2,000 of medical treatment costs recovered - over 10 times the initial offer.

As a result of our Compensate funding and expenses package we were able to pursuer her case to its true valuation, with the client able to aid her recover through private physiotherapy, therapy and driving confidence sessions.

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