Seven figure settlement for injured worker in Glasgow

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Our client was involved in a serious accident at work and suffered life-changing injuries, both physically and psychologically.

“This accident caused me severe physical injury and psychological trauma. I chose Digby Brown in order to have the opportunity to obtain fair assessment of my life changing conditions.

"After researching personal injury lawyers I was satisfied that Digby Brown was experienced and competent to act as my representatives.”

Insurers argue worker also to blame

Lawyers in our Glasgow office successfully argued that his employer was at fault for the accident.

However, they alleged that our client was also partly to blame for the accident and because of this; his final damages should be reduced to reflect this.

Our team vigorously defended any fault on his part.

Unable to work since the accident

Our client was a young man and has been unable to work since the accident. He may be able to return in years to come but he will not be able to do manual jobs like he did before. This means he will have to retrain and take on other jobs which will pay much less than he was paid at the time of the accident.

Our lawyers thoroughly prepared his case and instructed the best experts to help determine what he was due in compensation.

Insurers allege injuries are exaggerated

His employer's legal team disputed the extent of his injuries and claimed that he was not as badly injured as his medical evidence suggested.

There was also significant dispute regarding what his future losses and care needs would be. His employers tried to use a different method of calculating future loss than the method that is currently in force by law, in a bid to reduce his final compensation.

Our team did not accept any of these arguments during negotiations and proceeded with the case against his employer.

Seven figure settlement for serious injuries

Shortly before the case was due to go to an evidential hearing at court, our Glasgow lawyers negotiated a settlement with the insurers in a seven figure sum. This settlement reflected around 2.5 times more that the first offer from the insurer.

“During my case I was kept well informed of developments and reassured during anxious times.

“Although no monetary compensation can ever substitute for my life before the accident, I feel my future is more secure.”