Six-figure compensation after accident on holiday causes severe injuries

Pot holes in the road

Mrs G was injured while on holiday over the new year period in the South of Scotland.

How did the accident on holiday happen?

As she was walking towards the reception area of a holiday park, she tripped in a pothole.

The pavement Mrs G had been walking along when she fell was badly cracked and the area and the area was dark due to inadequate lighting

Injuries from the accident

She suffered from serious injuries – she fractured both her shoulders and suffered injuries to her right hand.

As well as the severe injuries she had sustained, the pursuer required considerable care and assistance, some of which will be ongoing into the future as a result of her injuries.

Six-figure compensation from holiday park

Mrs G came to Digby Brown Solicitors for help and her case was assigned to specialist personal injury solicitors.

They raised a claim against the holiday park and the case settled for a six-figure sum.