Six-figure settlement after motorcycle accident

Motorcycle on Country Road in Scotland

Mr P was riding his motorcycle, a Suzuki SV1000, on the A90 Aberdeen to Peterhead Road when he suffered a motorycle accident. There was cars travelling towards him in a filter lane. The car driver didn’t see Mr P. The car turned across Mr P’s lane of the road, panicked and stopped, blocking the carriageway. Mr P was unable to take evasive action and collided with the car, badly fracturing his knee. 

He was unable to go back to his job in the oil industry and changed his career to work from home. Whilst liability for the motorcycle accident was admitted, the insurers refused to make any reasonable compensation offers to Mr P. The medical evidence was unclear as to what sort of recovery Mr P would make from the injuries he suffered in the accident.

We instructed skilled teams of medical experts, vocational consultants, and actuaries to allow us to fully and properly value Mr P’s motorcycle accident compensation claim. We raised a court action against the car driver’s insurers and the case ultimately settled for over £250,000.