Spinal injury claim against driver for compensation

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JOHN FERRIS’S life changed forever when the car in which he was travelling was in a serious accident.

The driver, his partner, lost control and the car left the road. John’s spinal cord injury resulted in paralysis from the waist down.

After hospital discharge, John, 38, from Renfrew, received a care package and accommodation by the council.

His partner had to help and he was under pressure to cope without proper support.

Digby Brown raise a spinal injury claim

Digby Brown's specialist solicitors in spinal injury claims sued the driver’s insurer, a common outcome with road accidents.

Interim payments for spinal cord injury secured from insurer

Despite denying liability, the insurance company agreed to make an interim payment to John, before court action.

Funded case manager and care package for John

This funded a case manager and a more suitable care package, which replaced John’s lost wages and stopped his dependence on his partner.

Further interim payment for adapted accommodation

A further interim payment allowed him to pay for the design and build of adapted accommodation.

Spinal injury claim raised in court to secure best outcome for John

As liability was denied by the insurance company, 12 days of court time was booked for next year.

However, a meeting led to an early, agreed award of more than £2 million.

Spinal injury compensation - how will it help John?

The compensation will be used to replace John’s lost income and to pay for a new home and a care package.

Without Digby Brown’s intervention, the insurer’s pre-litigation offer of less than half the final settlement would never have been adequate to cover John’s future needs.

Maximum compensation with the help of no win no fee funding

However, by fully funding the case through no win no fee, Digby Brown had the firepower to meet the insurance company on a level playing field and achieve an acceptable award.

What did John think about Digby Brown?

John says: “Digby Brown explained everything thoroughly and were very professional when dealing with the other side.

“They got involved in every aspect of the case – organising buying the house plot, recommending a firm of architects and helping with every step of the process. I can’t thank them enough.” 

If you would like to talk to someone about your circumstances, we would recommend that you speak with either Chris Stewart on 0141 566 9541 or Moira Kay on 0141 566 9547, partners in the Spinal Injuries team. We are here to listen, and help where possible.