Stuart McLean successful outcome after life-changing injury at work

Workers on construction site

Stuart McLean was employed as part of a team taking down an old warehouse in Fife. Mr McLean was tasked with helping to take down steel fabricated A-frames as part of the job but did not receive proper training nor was a risk assessment carried out.

While undertaking the work, two of the steel beams lost their support and collapsed inwards, falling and crushing Mr McLean’s arm. Following this serious incident, Mr McLean was admitted overnight to Dunfermline Queen Margaret Hospital as there was a risk of compartment syndrome developing in his arm.

Impact of injury at work

Mr McLean sustained significant nerve damage in his arm and has suffered a great deal of pain since the accident.

His injury means he is limited in what household tasks and general activities he can undertake and it has adversely affected his career and work opportunities.

Injury at work claim

Digby Brown represented Mr McLean from the time of his accident until the conclusion of his claim. The defenders denied liability until just before the case was due to come to court.

Working through Digby Brown’s Compensate funding scheme for personal injury claims, we were able to ensure that Mr McLean had access to all of the medical experts, reports and assessments that he needed to make a successful claim and continue his rehabilitation from the effects of the accident at work. 

As a result, Mr McLean was able to settle out of court for a significant amount.

Speaking about his accident at work claim, Stuart said:

“What happened to me was life-changing. On a personal-level, the two and a bit years since the accident have been a struggle and I’m glad that I’ve been able to settle it out of court. 

“One of things I’m grateful for is the access I’ve had to medical assessments and experts, some of which I wouldn’t have been able to access via the NHS. It made such a difference to me to know that the pain I was suffering was real and not just in my head. 

“Throughout my case, Digby Brown were there to help and guide me.”