The right Ayr lawyers for work accident claim

Factory floor

William Sharkey was injured at work due to poor health and safety standards and decided to hold his employer to account – and hopefully help protect others where he worked.

He initially contacted another Scottish law firm about pursuing a work accident claim but came to Digby Brown after a recommendation from a friend.

Our specialist injury lawyers in Ayr fought on Mr Sharkey’s behalf and secured over double the initial compensation offer.

“I went to the wrong lawyers at the beginning, they were absolutely rubbish. I visited their Glasgow office who said they would take my case on. There was no communication from them for 8 months and then they said they couldn’t take on my case. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have said that in the first place, rather than wasting my time.

“With Digby Brown, in a matter of a few weeks the ball was rolling and my solicitor in Ayr would update about everything, getting in touch every couple of weeks.

“They were spot on, 10/10 for service. They helped me with everything and got me a good result.”

Work accident in factory

Mr Sharkey worked at a meat production factory. As part of his role, he handled knifes, and prepared the meat which was then moved to other parts of the factory. 

“We were being pushed that day to get orders completed, it was all panic stations. I was moving the meat when the knife cut my hand. I still get flashbacks about what happened.”

Employer treated me badly after I was injured

Mr Sharkey has been left with permanent loss of sensation around the wound and scarring to his fingers. He wasn’t entitled to sick pay for any time off work and his employer didn’t grant him time off after the accident.

“After visiting the hospital I was expected straight back to work. The next day I was struggling, especially with the cold conditions, but I wasn’t allowed to leave early. I ended up taking a week’s holiday to recover as they wouldn’t give me the time off work.”

Employer held to account for work accident

William Sharkey was injured at work due to poor health and safety standards and decided to hold his employer to account – and hopefully help protect others where he worked.

“There was about 4 other workers I knew who had cut themselves similar to me and the way you were treated afterwards was horrible. I thought it was time to do something about it and stand up to them.”

Employers claims they are not at fault for work accident

His employers insurers denied liability for the work accident but our lawyers were confident that the work accident was a result of his employers negligence.

The handle of the knife used was smooth and not fitted with any quillions or cross guards and his hands would become covered in blood due to his role. He was not given access to somewhere to store the knife and was expected to move through the factory with the meat. This was an accident that could have been prevented if his employers had put in place the correct safety procedures.

“There was not enough training or proper equipment in place, you were just told to get the job done. The knifes we used were rubbish, some were broken but you were expected to just get on with it and told to use them.

“Because of making a claim, I think they’ve taken it into consideration and work conditions have improved. However, it took something like this to bring it to their attention.”

Ayr lawyers secure over double the initial offer

As his employer was maintaining they were not responsible and were not forthcoming with offers of compensation, so our lawyers raised the case in court

The court fees and expenses were funded using Digby Brown’s Compensate funding. This meant Mr Sharkey didn’t have to pay any expenses and if the case lost, he wouldn’t need to pay anything.

The first offer was only £1,500 but our solicitors negotiated a settlement of £4,000.

“I knew with Digby Brown we could take them all the way. When the first offer came in, I thought it was a bit cheeky after what I went through. I declined the first offer and within a matter of hours they came back with an increased offer of £4,000 which I accepted.”