The trauma of a road traffic accident

Taxi and cars on the road

Mr W was slightly injured in an unpleasant road traffic accident. He found the traumatic experience difficult to overcome and committed suicide two years later.

After the accident, he suffered from flashbacks and insomnia, and suffered from extreme anxiety when travelling in a vehicle, especially when he had to pass the scene of the accident. His work attendance and home life began to suffer as a result.

After Mr W’s death, his family contacted Digby Brown for legal advice. At Digby Brown, we have acted for many families and individuals following the tragic loss of a loved one as the result of negligence.

Acting on the family’s behalf, our lawyers sued the driver responsible for the road traffic accident for causing Mr W’s death.

However, the insurers refused to accept that the road traffic accident was responsible for his death. As a result, the family’s claim for compensation was pursued through the courts.

On the day of the case going to court, the insurer’s finally agreed to accept liability and paid out damages amounting to £250,000.