Thorough investigation leads to fair result for client injured in car accident

Cars parked in a car park

Mr S was injured in a car accident in a supermarket car park in Dumfries. He was stationary in the car park when another driver reversed out of his parking space and hit Mr S's car. 

Mr S was with his partner and son at the time of the car accident. Another independent person also witnessed the accident. 

After the incident, the driver at fault tried to leave the scene and was only stopped by Mr S's partner who pursued him through the car park on foot. 

Driver at fault claims both at fault

The driver at fault maintained throughout the case that the claim should be settled on a 50/50 basis. 

He said both vehicles were reversing at the same time and struck each other. 

Digby Brown personal injury solicitors investigate accident

Digby Brown thoroughly investigated the accident circumstances and considered all of the evidence in great detail. 

In our mind there was no doubt that the other driver was fully to blame for the car accident and all of the evidence backed this up.

The only person disputing this was the driver at fault.

Raised personal injury claim in court

In the absence of a complete admission of liability, Digby Brown were instructed to raise court proceedings. 

Even after these started, the driver at fault still denied the car accident was wholly his fault. He offered again to settle Mr S's claim on a 50/50 basis. 

The defenders’ insurers and solicitors had plenty of time to speak with the independent witness but still refused to move from the 50/50 settlement offer. 

By utilising our intricate and specialist knowledge of personal injury court procedure, Digby Brown were able to eventually able to bring the case to a conculsion and and obtain a full and fair settlement for our client. 

Compensation for car accident injuries

Mr S received over £1,900 for his injuries, with the cost of private physiotherapy treatment he had required after the accident also paid by the driver at fault’s insurers.